Powrui Surge Protector Review (Must Read) 2022

Powrui Surge Protector Review (Must Read) 2022

Electricity can be extremely dangerous, so taking the proper precautions with your gadgets is essential. When you buy a power strip with a surge protector, you won't have to worry about your devices burning out in the event of a power surge. Let us review the Powerui Surge Protector and find out it it is a value for money product or not. 

Powrui Surge Protector Review

Powrui Surge Protector Top Features

  • Neat Looking All in One Wall Mount Charging Center 
  • Intelligent Charging Technology 
  • Dual Smart USB Charging Ports
  • 6 AC Outlets

Honest Review of Powrui Surge Protector

If you have too many electronics to plug in and you dislike unplugging one thing and trying to find the plug for another thing all while making sure you don't unplug this thing accidentally, the Powerui surge protector is perfect for you!  

You can avoid a bulky power strip in your room and go for one of these surge protectors.

Very easy to install, simply remove the center screw for your outlet cover and plug this in over it. It will take up both outlets, the actual plug being at the top and the bottom being filled by a plastic plug, like the childproofing ones. 

I recommend leaving the outlet cover on underneath as the surge protector will not fully cover the exposed wires if you were to remove it. It would also just look really bad, if safety isn't incentive enough. This product comes with a longer screw that holds the surge protector in place while also holding the outlet cover in place. Make sure it's nice and tight, try and give it a little test wiggle to make sure.

You probably don't NEED to unscrew the outlet cover screw and use the screw that comes with the protector. You could just plug it in and leave it at that, but I would highly recommend using the screw-in method as it increases the stability of the product. They include the screw for a reason, after all.

It works great, has a small LED light to let you know it's working fine. All around a perfect product that saves me from trying to hide an ugly surge protector by my nightstand.


  • Features LED indicator that indicates protection of devices against electrical spikes
  • Equipped with 6 outlet ports with surge protector that provides maximum protection to all devices
  • Built-in dual USB ports offer high-speed charging without adapters


  •  It can be quite loose and bit wobbly if not anchored properly.


Q: Is it ETL certified or UL certified?

Yes Powerui surge protector is ETL certified, the standards are UL480A and UL1310.

Final verdict (Should you buy Powerui Surge Protector?)

In general, this is a great surge protector with the bonus of having 2 USB charging ports included. Powui surge protector is compact and well-made. It is a perfect fit for the outlets. I also enjoy the option of using a screw to secure the protector. Another feature that I find really useful is the bottom-mounted light that indicates whether or not the outlet is covered. Hence overall the product is highly recommended 


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