Triklestar Power Strip Review (Buy or Not?)

Triklestar Power Strip Review | TrickleStar TS1104 / 181SS-US-7XXXA, 7 Outlet APS 

Let us review the TrickleStar power strip TS1104 / 181SS-US-7XXXA and find out if it is a value for money gadget or not. Electricity can be extremely dangerous, so taking the proper precautions with your gadgets is essential. When you buy a power strip with a surge protector, you won't have to worry about your devices burning out in the event of a power surge.

Triklestar Power Strip Review

Triklestar Power Strip Top Features

  • Ceramic-encased, Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) provide premium-quality, fireproof surge protection. Listed to UL 1449 and UL 1363 standards to ensure performance and safety
  • Eliminates standby power consumed by electronic peripherals
  • Selectable switching threshold: 10W/22W/42W
  • LED Status Indication 
  • Noise filtering

Honest Review of Triklestar Power Strip

In contrast to another brand's quite bright colorations, the device appears to be well manufactured and attractive via a tidy and minimalist style. Tricklestar power strip is also extremely reasonably priced for the features it provides.

"Must Buy for Roku Users"

When your Roku gadgets' displays are turned off,  you can utilise these power strips to turn off the electricity supply to them. It's a terrific technique to prevent exceeding your ISP's monthly data cap without having to teach your family to turn off the TV before exiting their video streams.

This power strip can be extremely useful for other applications well. If you have a home theatre and your subwoofer has a "auto" setting that turns it off when you don't want it to, you can use this strip to control the power and prevent the auto turn off feature.

It's a little longer than typical strips, but the plastic enclosure appears to be adequate for such a low-cost component. This one is special in that it contains ceramic-encased MOVs that are supposed to be fireproof, providing some heat protection between the potentially hot MOVs and the plastic case.


  • Features an adjustable threshold switch
  • Improves performance through EMI/RFI noise filtering
  • Premium-quality, fireproof surge protection safeguards electronic equipment from abnormal surge activity
  • Reduces standby power waste
  • A functional power-triggered power strip!
  • High build quality and does not feel cheap
  • Power threshold setting for the trigger input
  • Male end of the power strip is angled for an easier fitting in tight spots


  •  The LED lights on the device are quite bright for some people


Q: Is it ETL certified or UL certified?

Yes, ETL certified, the standards are UL480A and UL1310.

Final verdict (Should you buy Triklestar Power Strip?)

In general, this is a great power strip with the bonus of having Power threshold setting for the trigger input. Triklestar Power Strip is compact and well-made. Good quality, UL listed, made in China plastic surge strip with master control of 4 outlets and 2 always on outlets, and 3 ft. cord, it satisfies all the needed criterias. Hence overall the product is highly recommended 


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