Tripp Lite lc1200 Review USA 2022 (Read before Buying)

 Tripp Lite lc1200 Review USA 2022

In this Tripp Lite lcr1200 line conditioner review, we will review this line conditioner and our experience with the product. As we know, electricity can be extremely dangerous, so taking the proper precautions with your gadgets is essential. When you buy a power strip or a line conditioner, you won't have to worry about your devices burning out in the event of a power surge. 

Tripp Lite lcr1200 Top Features

  • Protects sensitive electronics, computer accessories and audio equipment from power surge related damage and performance problems
  • Advanced automatic voltage regulation corrects brownouts and over-voltages
  • Powerful 1200-joule surge protection rating. Corrects under-voltages as low as 89V and over-voltages up to 147V. 
  • Ideal for computers, routers, modems, printers, home theater components and point-of-sale equipment
  • 1200W power capacity; 4 AC outlets; 7-ft cord
  • Comes with a Lifetime Insurance and a 2-year warranty

Honest Review of Tripp Lite lcr1200 Line Conditioner 

This is heavy-duty equipment, and it is more cost-effective per watt than a UPS unless you have frequent power outages. The main issue with a UPS is that the batteries degrade over time and must be replaced eventually, whereas this should last for 20 years. Some may disagree, but I believe this Tripp Lite lcr1200 line conditioner is superior to most UPS or other surge power devices in terms of line conditioning and voltage regulation.

This device alerts you every time it turns on and off, confirming that you do indeed have a power problem. The sceptic would argue that no power is flawless, and that this is something that might happen in any home. Perhaps, but it provides me with peace of mind because it is connected to some extremely valuable devices.

No issues with temperature, it gets warm but not very hot. No issues with noise, either physical or electrical.

Moreover, these line conditioners are far superior than the typical plug-in surge suppressors. Surge suppressors are unsuccessful at preventing brownouts and voltage sags, because they can't handle prolonged power surges.


  • Works great and better price then competitors for same protection.
  • Best built quality in its price
  • LEDs display indicating voltage range


  •  It makes a negligible humming sound (in very quiet rooms).


Q: Is it ETL certified or UL certified?

Yes, Tripp Lite lcr1200 line conditioner is ETL certified, the standards are UL480A and UL1310.

Final verdict (Should you buy Tripp Lite lcr2400 power conditioner?)

Tripp lite is a very old name in the game of  surge protection devices, hence it is a safe bet. The unit is solid, well built with a convenient number of outlets at a very fair price. Moreover, it can be used with a wide range of appliances. Hence, keeping these points in mind, the Tripp Lite lcr1200 is highly recommended and it passes our review with a great score.


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